Abseiling, otherwise known as rappelling, is a form of extreme sports that involves using a rope and carabiners to descend steep rock faces or other such heights. It’s a thrilling sport where man establishes dominance over nature.

Sri Lanka is a beautiful tropical island with many tall natural rock formations, waterfalls, steep mountains and devastating views. This holiday, give freedom to your deepest and most adventurous yearnings. Balance your life on a slim, but strong, rope as you enjoy the thrill of rappelling from magnificent heights. Challenge yourself with waterfall abseiling in the misty rainforests of Kithulgala. Get a bird’s eye view of surrounding landscapes as you climb down steep cliff faces. Get the best guides and the safest equipment to engage in the best thrill ride of your life, during your stay in Sri Lanka

Whether you are a beginning abseiler or an expert climber and abseiler, Sri Lanka has all the best abseiling courses to offer. So what are you waiting for? Check out all our amazing tour options below and book your favorite one right now!