Sri Lanka is a wild country with burgeoning nature and deep cultural roots. Adventure is a way of life for many of the natives who live in the more rural villages of the island. Hiking along steep mountain trails, climbing waterfalls, abseiling, diving, waterfall hunting, canoeing, river rafting, sailing, deep sea fishing and more are part of the culture that the locals enjoy.

With the wealth of natural resources such as lakes, oceans and forests; a number of more modern adventure sports have also entered the arena during the more recent decades. This means that surfing, kite surfing, wind surfing, scuba diving, snorkelling,white water rafting,  body boarding, waterfall abseiling, water skiing, rock climbing, kayakking, zip lines and many other exciting adventure sports can now be enjoyed in Sri Lanka.

This holiday season enjoy the best of adventure with your entire family. Feel the thrill of surfing the waves or white water rafting. Relax in nature as kayak on sedate rivers or canoe on mirrored lakes. Feast your eyes on the multicolored beauty of underwater saline as you snorkel in the clear shallows off the beaches. Hike through jungles and climb steep rock faces as you hunt for beautiful hidden waterfalls in the wilds of Sri Lanka. And more.

A World of Adventure Awaits!
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