Day Trips, Tours and Excursions from Anuradhapura Sri Lanka

In the olden days, the cultural triangle was known as the ‘Rajarata’ (loosely translated as the King’s country) and those were the glory days of ancient Ceylon when powerful Kings and even a handful of Queens built a prosperous hydraulic civilization which had ample space for grand architecture, art and poetry. In the heart of the Cultural triangle are Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa, the two largest capitals of Ceylon of a bygone era. In these two dry yet fertile lands you will find remnants of majestic temples, palaces and still functioning artificial reservoirs that pay tribute to the engineering prowess of ancient Ceylon. Dambulla too was once an ancient capital where once a Rapunzel like beautiful princess was imprisoned to protect her many brothers from suffering at the hand of her unborn son (the prediction came true). Sigiriya Fortress is a mysterious palatial rock resident which served as a luxurious palace/fortress for the ingenious yet a reclusive King Kashyapa who lived there surrounded by his nymph-like entourage, artistic frescoes and a still functioning plumbing system which still provides water to the fountains and ponds on top of the rock.Our Cultural Triangle tours are designed to let you enjoy a visit back in time to catch a glimpse of an ancient civilization without the slightest discomfort.