Hot air balloons were the very first flight technology discovered that allowed us the chance to take to the air. Created with a basket that hangs below a balloon shaped envelope filled with heated air, the very first hot air balloon flight took place two and a half centuries ago in November 1783. Today these balloons continue to be popular both commercially and non-commercially, due to their appeal as an advertising tool and the opportunities to sightsee the countryside from an aerial view.

Sri Lanka is a country with devastatingly beautiful landscapes. This holiday go ballooning  in Sri Lanka and experience the amazing sensation of drifting over rolling countrysides. Get to know why flight by hot air balloons are still so popular despite the many new technologies that have appeared. Enjoy some amazing bird’s eye views of Sri Lanka. Learn to operate a hot air balloon. Make full use of your camera as you take some unforgettable photographs of the green landscapes around you.

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