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Guided Birdwatching in Sigiriya

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  • Pickup and Drop-off from and to Hotel in Sigiriya by Standard Air-conditioned vehicle
  • Services of a Qualified, English Speaking Birdwatching Guide/Naturalist
  • Binoculars (per person for maximum 2 PAX)
  • Private tour of 2 hours
  • Viewing by Monocular Bird Spotting Telescope (Adjusted and aimed by your guide)
  • All taxes and service charges


  • Food or Beverages
  • Tips or portages
  • Any expenses of personal natures


  • Emergency contact person details will be provided on booking confirmation.
  • Do state the desired starting time for your birdwatching tour in Sigiriya in the ‘Notes’ section during confirming your booking, the earlier the starting time, the greater the chances of bird spotting.
  • Be sure to bring your professional camera (if possible) along with its variety of lenses.
  • Wear soft, lightly colored clothing that blends with the nature.
  • Comfortable walking shoes are recommended.


Make the 45 minute journey to the historically significant Habarana Lake to do Birdwatching during your stay in Sigiriya and greet the diverse avian life present in the area as you explore in search of rare birds. Catch glimpses of bright plumage amongst the greenery and try to identify them. Also get a chance to see some of the other wildlife


If you are a birdwatching enthusiast in Sigiriya, then the 45 minute drive to Habarana is a must do for you. Although Sigiriya is also famous for its resident birds, it doesn't compare against the vast bird life present in Habarana. Now well past its prime, the Habarana Lake is not the grand tank it once was but the diminished water levels have since contributed to an eco-system inhabited by thirsty Elephants making visits to quench their thirst and a stunning variety of bird species. This has led the area to be a prime location for Birdwatching in Sigiriya as well as for Birdwatching in Sri Lanka.

Your tour will start at 6.00 AM – 6.45 AM or 3.00 PM – 3.45 PM from your hotel in Sigiriya.

Journey along the lake bank in Habarana as you inspect the surrounding area in hope of catching glimpses of resident, migratory and endemic birds that reside among the trees or in the lake.

Your friendly bird watching guide will make it his mission to ensure that the most number of species are spotted in your exploration. Birds flirting far away from the naked eye can be easily viewed with the use of the binoculars provided to you or from the monocular bird spotting telescope that will be adjusted and aimed by your guide.

The area is widely considered to be a hotspot for bird watching in Sri Lanka as sightings of around 120 bird species have occurred during birdwatching in Habarana. Prominent sightings include the viewing of the Sri Lankan Grey Hornbill, Sri Lankan Green Pigeon, Coppersmith Barbet, Red Vented Bulbul, Indian Cormorant, Little Cormorant, Oriental Darter, Spotted Dove, White Bellied Sea Eagle, Comon Iora, Pheasant Tailed Jacana, Brahminy Kite, Small Minivet, Black Hooded Oriole, Grey Breasted Prinia, Crested Tree Swift and many more.

There are 9 endemic bird species to the area who are the Brown Capped Babbler, Black Capped Bulbul, Sri Lankan Jungle Fowl, Sri Lankan Green Pigeon, Sri Lankan Wood Shrike, Sri Lankan Swallow, Crimson Backed Flameback Woodpecker and Lesser Sri Lankan Flameback Woodpecker.

Your birdwatching tour in Habarana will last for 2 hours from your starting time. Upon completion you will be returning back to your starting point at the eco-lodge, where your vehicle will pick you up for you to return safely to your hotel in Sigiriya.

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