Sri Lanka is an island filled with nature. Vast plains with wandering herds of elephants. Rolling hills with amazing views that are straight of fantasy books. Bright green tea fields with the colorful figures of tea pluckers. National parks with a number of animals and birds. Golden beaches framed by shady palm trees and the white froth from lapping waves. Many more delightful sights await those that take the time to notice them. And the best way to enjoy these is spend a few nights camping amongst all that beauty.

Camp out amongst the wilderness with the amazing sights of elephants, deer and other wildlife for a view. Enjoy campfire nights with barbecues, music and plenty of fun. Spend a romantic night camping on the beach with the stars for company. Hike out to Horton Plains or to the top of a mountain, and camp out there surrounded by breathtaking vistas of misty lands spread out below you. Sri Lanka has a number of exciting camping spots for every camper.

If you’re a person who likes the idea of camping, but wants the luxuries of life, don’t worry. We now also have some luxury camping tours with all the best amenities such as comfortable beds, air-conditioning, Wi-Fi, televisions, plug points for your devices, and proper showers.

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