Sri Lanka is a beautiful island country with a large number of waterbodies. In addition to the Indian ocean that surrounds the island; a number of swift flowing rivers, sedate lakes and gushing waterfalls make the country more lush and green. As a result the natives enjoy traveling around and fishing in many types of vessels. Amongst the traditional vessels used are kayaks, canoes, catamarans, rafts, flat bottomed boats and others.

Canoeing, in specific, is a mode of water travel that is also a challenging sport around the world. The tricky art of canoeing needs some skill to ensure that you move forward without toppling when using the paddle. It involves a lot of muscle and exercise. However, it can be very rewarding due to the great views, flora and fauna, and the sensation of becoming one with nature.

Try one of our canoeing tours and enjoy the unique experience of canoeing on Sri Lankan waters. Feast your eyes on the verdant forests that line the banks. Watch colorful waterbirds going about their daily lives. Stop by little islets and take a break. This is an activity that will make your vacation unforgettable.

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