‘Caving’ or ‘spelunking’ is the exciting sport of exploring natural caves.

Sri Lanka is a land of myth and history. Strange legends of demons and unknown beings, mythical stories of the Ramayana, and historical accounts of brave kings and wise monks are all part of the tapestry of Sri Lankan culture. Many of these stories have one thing in common - caves.

The island has a large number of known and unexplored caves. Some are quite visible, while some are hidden in cliffs or behind waterfalls, and can only be reached through secret routes. Some have ancient temples built within them or were used as the abodes of monks in the centuries past, while there some which are blocked off due to their hidden and unexplored depths.

Holiday in Sri Lanka and enjoy some wonderful spelunking. Explore the hidden depths of some of the best and most beautiful caves in Sri Lanka. Marvel at colorful rock formations and glowing designs. Take a look at hidden rock paintings left by prehistoric humans or the remains of ancient pots from the Iron Age. Let a knowledgeable local caving guide help you through the tough spots to reach your target. Who knows? You may be the next person to make a discovery of something hidden and wonderful in the caves of the island.

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