The beautiful tropical island of Sri Lanka is a fully immersive experience that is best seen close up.

Ancient ruins of kings from millennia ago. Places, rumored to be from the legend of Ramayana, where myth and reality blend and blur. Hills and valleys carpeted in brilliant green tea fields. Misty curving mountain roads bordered by tall pines drizzling a layer fragrant pine cones and needles. Beautiful temples and churches from the many religions practiced in the country. Dense rainforests where frogs sing their happy sonnets, while a number of rare species lie hidden. Protected sanctuaries with roaming Sri Lankan elephants and the occasional leopard basking on a rock. Golden paddy fields and villages with colorful smiling natives. Sunny white beaches shaded by palm trees and cooled by the lapping waves of the ocean. Plenty of fun and adventure can be found within the island of Sri Lanka for those who seek it. But most importantly, many of these sight can be seen and experienced only on foot or through a simple mode of travel, such as a bicycle.

Cycle down little trails surrounded by green fields as you visit a village deep within the countryside. Bike over a bridge to an isolated island with a farmhouse, lotus ponds, woods and a beautiful sedate environment right out of a fantasy book. Enjoy the brisk winds and fleeting rain on high mountainĀ  roads as your bicycle wheels crunch through a fresh layer of dry leaf fall. Watch the amazing sights of Sri Lanka pass by as you refresh yourself with clean exercise.

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