Dolphin Watching

Dolphins are a unique life form amongst all sea mammals. It is said that amongst all the animals in the world, dolphins might be the species that have the most affinity towards humans. They also enjoy interacting with and being amongst humans. Their joy and intelligence are a delightful sight that cannot be missed. Schools of dolphins often follow boats and ships for miles, while occasionally chattering and performing stunts for attention. As a result of their happy an boisterous ways, many enjoy watching dolphins at sea.

Sri Lanka as a tropical island surrounded by warm seas has a number of rare sea mammals residing in its waters. Included among the list are bottle-nosed dolphins, blue whales, humpback whales, sperm whales, killer whales, and the rare dugongs. During your vacation in Sri Lanka enjoy the delightful experience of dolphin watching. See their antics up close and personal. Take amazing photographs of a schools of dolphins. Who knows? There may even be a special dolphin who takes a shine to you, and decides to perform a few backflips just for you!

So make your incredible Sri Lankan holiday, even more incredible by booking one of our dolphin watching tours below!