Elephant Rides

Elephants are the biggest land dwellers still existent on earth currently. The gigantic proportions of these mammals, are enhanced by their unique appearances that include long flexible noses and dangerous ivory tusks.

The rarity of elephants and their tendency to only live in the forests and grassy plains of warm tropical countries, have made them more of a myth for many people. This myth has been solidified by the old Asian legends and historical stories of elephant chariots used in war; not to mention the Hindu elephant-headed god of knowledge and new beginnings - Ganesha. Ancient Indian legends do not mention only gods, they also describe evil elephant-headed demons who were like enraged elephants; showing the importance that Asian elephants have always had within the subcontinent. Similar legends and stories are seen among the native African tribes, who also interact with African Elephants.

Sri Lanka is a country with wandering herds of thousands of elephants. Get the chance to ride on the huge Sri Lankan elephant - a unique subspecies of the Asian Elephant. Enjoy the rolling sway of their gait as you see the world from higher up than any other animal ride that you could have experienced. Learn how mahouts control elephants while riding on them. Get the chance to feed the elephant with a banana or some grass.

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