Delft Island Cruise


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Delft Island Cruise

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Note: This tour takes place from October to April only


Embark at 9 am from the Kurrikkaduwan Jetty  at about 40 min drive from Jaffna  town. This cruise gives to our guests the taste of the Northern islands of Sri Lanka with its long history,  its vibrant nature and its beautiful sites. Guests disembark at 4 pm,at Kurrikkaduwan jetty.

Discover Delft
For a tour of Delft island which includes observing the famous miniature wild horses,the unique coral walls, the ancient lighthouse and the pigeon house. After the tour, guests indulge  in a local lunch of fish, rice and vegetables.

Nainatghivu island
Crew will make  arrangements, for guests to visit the famous pilgrimage sites of Naga Deepa Vihare and Naga Pooshani Aman temple on the Nainathivu island.

Tour cost Includes:

  • Dinner
  • Swim
  • Sunset

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