Kayaking is a water sport of skill and strength. It’s fast growing sport that has drawn in many outdoors lovers, due to its fun and healthy aspect. The balanced two-bladed paddle gives a great cardio workout, while building muscles naturally. Kayakers get to enjoy the beauty of nature at their own pace as they paddle their kayaks through sedate shaded rivers and hidden streams. While the slim long form of the kayak requires balance and technique to navigate, the shape of the vessel allows increased speed and maneuverability.

Sri Lanka, with it its many beautiful waterbodies is a haven for kayaking. We offer extreme sports enthusiasts and outdoors lovers a chance to kayak in swift flowing rivers, gushing waterfalls, sedate mirror-like lakes, the deep blue tropical oceans and other such places. Enjoy the most amazing sights as you go on a guided kayak tour. Let go of all the stresses of everyday life as you relax with nature and simple exercise. Indulge in your sense adventure as you do some waterfall kayaking. Experience so much more with our kayaking tours below.

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