Day Trips, Tours and Excursions from Bentota Beach by Cinnamon

Bentota Beach by Cinnamon Hotel offers water sports enthusiasts a luxurious and memorable stay in the beach side resort town of Bentota. The golden beaches and the adrenalin pumping sports are an added luxury while the hotel boasts of 130 guest rooms and 3 suites that are under a number of categories. There are room views that you can choose from while all rooms are well equipped with modern facilities. The hotel also comprises of a number of recreational facilities while you can enjoy mouth watering meals at all times.


Known for its beautiful and golden beaches, Bentota is home to the Bentota Beach by Cinnamon while the drive takes about one and a half hours when you are driving from Colombo. The distance from Colombo to Bentota is approximately 64km while the distance from the Bandaranaike International Airport in Katunayake is about 99km. There are many modes of transportation including buses and trains from Colombo while you can always hire a taxi or car rental from the airport.


Bentota is mainly known among locals and tourists for its water sports that are centred around the Bentota Lagoon, River and the Sea. There are a number of locations that you can visit while holidaying in Bentota while the activities will impress you. You can visit the turtle hatcheries about 9km away. You might be able to engage in releasing the baby turtles into the sea. With time in hand you can make a trip to the 'Brief Garden' which is a 5 acre garden at Lunuganga which was landscaped by Bevis Bawa.