Day Trips, Tours and Excursions from Aranya Resort, Yala

Located over 300km away from the busy commercial life of Colombo is Aranya Resort in Yala which offers guests a relaxing and unique holiday experience. Ideal for the nature lover, this resort is found adjoining the Yala National park and offers guests views of the surroundings. With eco-friendly chalets and a tree house adorned with simple yet comfortable amenities, the resort is a haven for tourists and locals heading towards Kataragama. From delicious Sri Lankan cuisine to a relaxing atmosphere by the pool, Aranya Resort offers total serenity and seclusion amidst the vast jungle of Yala.


Located serenely bordering the Katagamuwa entrance of the Yala National Park, the Aranya Resort is spread out over a large 6 acre land which is secure yet surrounded by the natural wilderness. This resort is located about 305km South of Colombo in Yala which is famous for its national park that attracts many adventure and nature lovers all throughout the year. A mere 5km away is the sacred town of Kataragama.


There are many activities that you can enjoy while in Yala and they include Safari tours to the Yala National park, pony rides through the resort’s own locality and mountain biking through forest trails which are also crowd favourites. Other optional activities include jogging paths, nature walks, day trips to the Sithulpauwa temple, bird watching, trekking to the sacred Vadasiti Kanda, elephant watching during the season and also river bathing. A visit to the sacred shrine of Kataragama is also an important part of the entire journey.