Day Trips, Tours and Excursions from Norwood Bungalow, Hatton

One of the 4 colonial tea planters' bungalows of Ceylon Tea Trails - Norwood Bungalow provides the ambience of Colonial living while living in a tea estate while enjoying five star luxury. Designed specially for the upscale traveler, the bungalow provides both modern and traditional comforts to make your stay memorable. Want to know the secret of a perfectly brewed cup of Ceylon Tea? Tea Trials will teach you everything you need to know with unique tea experience tours.


Belonging to one of the Colonial Tea Planters bungalows of Ceylon Tea Trails - the Norwood Bungalow is a luxurious abode hidden away within the tea estates of Hatton. Designed for lavishness and comfort, the bungalow is the ideal residence for the upscale traveller looking for peace and tranquillity in a scenic and spacious holiday destination. From modern comforts to traditional settings, guests can experience the real tea planters' life in a more majestic setting.


As a part of the Tea Trails experience, Norwood Bungalow offers you the insights of the age old tea making process with the help of its resident tea planter. You can also follow the trail of the planters trekking through slopes and watch the tea pluckers pick the tea leaves and then head to the factory where the tea is made. The tour will end with guests given the opportunity of tasting different grades of tea. There are various excursions that can be organized for adventure and fun. Walks and mountain bike rides are to name a few. Tours can also be made to the Horton Plains, Kandy, Nuwara Eliya and even Adam’s Peak.