Day Trips, Tours and Excursions from River Garden Resort, Belihuloya

The River Garden Resortin the town of Belihuloya is set in an idyllic location in Sri Lanka's hill country. The resort is the perfect location to enjoy a nature holiday filled with an amazing range of activities suited for everyone. Belihuloya's natural beauty and amazing views of the Horton Plains National Park makes it a popular honeymoon destination, and is the ideal location if you are thinking about a honeymoon in Sri Lanka.


Belihuloya is a small hamlet in Sri Lanka's hill country, which is a perfect location for adventure holidays, and is a great spot for viewing nature at its very best. The natural beauty of the area is unsurpassed, and the Horton Plains national park in its backdrop adds a whole new dimension to its splendour.

Belihuloya is located 160km from Colombo, and is in an area that combines several degrees of transition - Sri Lanka's wet zone and dry zone; hill country and low country; grasslands, montane and savannah forests - making it one of the richest spots in the country for biodiversity.


Kinchigune Cycling Tour Rivergarden Belihul Oya Sri Lanka.

Cycling Tour - Horton Plains, 'Satan’s Steps' Belihul Oya Sri Lanka.

Rock Climbing in Bambarakanda.

Trekking expedition to Duwili Ella Fal.

Hagala trekking trail with eco team (Sri Lanka Approximately 2 hours walk from Belihuloya, this area consists of moist semi evergreen forest and dry "pathana" grasslands. One can get an incredible view at the top of the mountain.)