Day Trips, Tours and Excursions from Hotel Alta Vista, Ella

Antarctic pole in the southern Hemisphere which is yet to be fully explored by the human race of the Green Planet,is the starting point of water rich fresh wind waves blowing thousands of miles across the gigantic ocean, entering the Paradise Island of Sri Lanka from the southern coastal belt, and flowing through the lush green valley, mixing with the misty surroundings of the beautiful Namunukule mountain range, spreading all over the blessed land called "Ella" where the great Rishi Ravana once spent his life. Relax and enjoy the tranquility of such an environment at Hotel Alta Vista, a resting place built especially for you to experience and share the wonderful atmosphere of Mother Nature. Hotel Alta Vista is equipped with luxary rooms and serves delicious cuisine to satisfy your taste buds.


5 hours drive from the airport and you reach Hotel Alta ella