Day Trips, Tours and Excursions from Heritage Ambepussa, Ambepussa

Heritage Ambepussa also known as The Heritage Rest.The Heritage Rest is one of the oldest establishments with the Ceylon Hotels Corporation collect of properties.Built during the era of the British Colonialists, the Rest House still stands in its original state without much transformation. In the mid 19th century, the British railway ran only up to Ambepussa, thirty six miles from Colombo. As a result the Rest House was the deal abode for travelers.

The Heritage Rest is often also seen as a way side stop over en-route to Kandy where one could relax and refresh with a cup of tea and sandwiches or cool off with a dip in the streamlet flowing gracefully nearby.The majestic shady trees and palms planted more than a hundred and fifty years ago still stands today provide a tropical backdrop. Amongst, the famed visitors to the Heritage Ambepussa were the Royal Families of Japan, Thailand and several Dukes and Heads of state.