Day Trips, Tours and Excursions from Kirinda Walauwa, Gampola

Kirinda Walauwa which dates back to over 200 years is an ancient mansion of an Aristocratic Family. "Kirinda" which is the name of the village, "Walauwa" which means the home of an Aristocratic Kandyan Family, is situated about 16 km from the hill Capital of Sri Lanka, Kandy in the city of Gampola.

The "Walauwa" lies in a picturesque valley in a 12 acre estate of mixed plantation of spices, coconut and fruits surrounded by mountains and lush green paddy fields. Well maintained tarred drive way leads to the "Walauwa" with four hairpin bends and beautiful flowering shrubs and foliage on either side. It has a naturally laid out garden of many colorful flowering plants, foliage and an oval shaped lawn lies in front of the house.

The house itself is about eight to ten generations old, even though each generation has renovated and has added modern conveniences for their comfort; it still has not lost its natural old charm. The structure remains the same; it can be seen by the thickness of the walls, all built in solid stone and plastered in clay. The house consists of large airy rooms, a long verandah which opens out to the garden.

There is a Sitting and Dining room and a "medamidulla" - an open courtyard in the middle of the house. This is traditional in all the old "Walauwa's", where the morning sunlight streams into the house and the blowing of the wind makes it cool on a hot afternoon and it also gives a touch of magic on a full moon night !