River/Lagoon Safari

The island of Sri Lanka is a country of many rivers, lakes, lagoons and other waterbodies. Nature thrives around them; the forests and mangrove swamps along the banks rich with waders, waterbirds, reptiles, amphibians and small mammals. Some of the rivers and lagoons are also the sources of industry, such as fishing, transport of materials, crabbing and etc. As such, despite the wilderness around the waterbodies in the untouched areas of Sri Lanka, small communities make their lives based on these rivers, lagoons and lakes.

Travel into the unknown and discover the hidden deeps of mangrove swamps. Identify rare flora and fauna as you ride a boat on a swift flowing river. Get the chance to hold a baby crocodile in your hands. Relax with an open-air fish massage. Visit little islands and meet the communities. Learn how cinnamon is made, and purchase fresh cinnamon from cinnamon bark that was transported along the river. Many more such activities await you.

Select a river or lagoon safari below and book it to indulge in these experiences.