Stalking leopards and cunning foxes. Giant herds of elephants. Timid groups of pretty spotted deer that flee at the sight of humans. Mischievous langur that swing through the tall leafy branches of tropical forests. Flocks of migratory birds in the thousands, that cover the sky. Fluttering multihued butterflies that decorate brightly blooming flowers. Crocodiles and alligators that lie in wait in the murky waters of mangrove swamps. Amazingly cute baby sea turtles. A cormorant fishing at sunset. Leaping dolphins and giant blue whales. Rare and unseen insects and reptiles. Multiple terrains all within the island, each with their own varied wildlife and birdlife.

You can get to see all of these and more when you go on our Safari Tours. Get to explore the depths of tropical forests and secretive haunts of wildlife in mangrove swamps. Tour the top national parks and forest reserves in Sri Lanka to the the local wildlife in their natural environment. Go on river safaris to see crocodiles, the many waterbirds and waders that call the island home. Catch sight of the world’s biggest elephant herds and mixed species foraging flocks (bird waves). Our Yala and Wilpattu Safari Tours also maximize your chance to catch sight of the elusive Sri Lankan Leopard (panthera parades kotiya) - the apex predator of the Sri Lankan jungles.

So if you’re a nature or wildlife lover this is your biggest chance! What are you waiting for?
Get a chance to see the wilderness of Sri Lanka as never before!

National Parks in Sri Lanka