Kumana National Park Safari


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Kumana National Park Safari

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Renowned as a paradise for resident and migrating birds, Kumana bird sanctuary is a crystalline testament to the diversity of the island.

For those who are bird enthusiasts, the national park is a paradise on earth with promises of thrilling safari adventures and unforgettable vistas of birdlife.

Nestled in the Ampara district of Sri Lanka, the park is a true nest that breed, feed and roost more than 430 bird species.

Enjoy a Kumana safari experience  and catch unforgettable sights of exotic birds including pelicans, spoonbills, white ibis, herons, painted storks, egrets, cormorants and more .Each year during April–July, Kumana welcomes tens of thousands of birds around the world presenting ample of opportunity to spot a rich diversity of birdlife. White-breasted waterhen, duck black-crowned night heron, indian pond heron, weathercock, purple swamphen,  and  common moorhen who pay migration visits to Kumana as Large flocks are quite an extravaganza to capture during a Kumana safari.

Apart of the abundance of vividness of fowls, Kumana is a home for Elephants, Leopards, Golden Jackal, Wild Boar, European Otter and a list of threatened wetland species including rare species of turtles and crocodiles.

The 20 lagoons and the other inland water pools toss all over the national park adds an allure to the park offering you the opportunity to observe these stunning creatures in their natural habitats.

A Kumana safari is an outstanding experience, bird enthusiast can’t say ‘NO’ to.
Watch the sights of these magical creatures on a safari to Kumana National park with us and enjoy a thrilling Kumana safari adventure.

  • Jeep and Driver. A Jeep can carry maximum of six adults.
  • Pickup/Drop to/from any location within the radius of 5km from park gate.
  • Trackers are subject to availability at the time of entering to the park.

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