Sailing is a fun sport that challenges the seas in the most primitive manner. Sailing involves the use of boats with triangular sails of canvas or similar material to harness the power of the wind and ride swiftly over the waves. Until motorboats and steamboats were discovered, even the largest ships used multiple sails that gathered the wind to move the vessels over the waves. However with the rise of modern technology, this method has died down and sailing is mainly practiced as a delightful sport that challenges oneself.

Sailing is not easy. A sailor needs to learn to control the rudder minutely to travel in the right direction. He or she needs to know how to find the direction of the wind and adjust the angles of the sails accordingly. It is also important to be able to react to the fast changing sea conditions that occur with changes in the weather. The sailor may need to take down the sails to avoid losing control of the boat, or may have to struggle with the rudder as ten foot waves attempt to swamp the boat.

It’s a mighty challenge of life and death that requires skill and experience. But the extremely rewarding sense of achievement that one attains after triumphing over nature beats any danger that you may have to brave. However, to sail for enjoyment or gain the necessary skill and experience for more advanced sailing challenges, Sri Lanka remains a prime venue. The warm tropical seas around the island remain calm and sedate during the non-monsoon months of the year, making it great for beginning sailors and amateurs. The sunny climates and beautiful palm fringed shores add to the attraction as well.

So if you are a sailing enthusiast, or would like to try your hand at sailing, do not hesitate to try one of our tours. All equipment are provided along with experienced guides who will accompany you and teach you the ropes as necessary. Safety and comfort is assured!

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