Sky Diving

Parachuting or Skydiving is a sport that thrives on the thrill that comes with extreme heights. So if you’re a person with extreme acrophobia or aerophobia, we have to warn you this may not be for you. On the other hand if you’re a daredevil thrill seeker with guts of iron, you will definitely love this.

Skydiving is usually carried out by jumping out of an aircraft at around 4000m with a parachute, and involves 40-50 seconds of free fall. After this a parachute is employed allowing the skydiver to slow down the speed of descent to safer levels and reach the ground with no injury. Delay in releasing the parachute or becoming unstable while in free fall can be fatal. As such, this sports requires some training, or an experienced tandem skydiver. In return for engaging in this high-risk extreme sport, skydivers get to experience the best of thrills, the most amazing views of the countryside and a chance to take flight in the air.

Sri Lanka is a country with beautiful natural terrain and bountiful green countryside. Aerial views of the island are a pleasure to the eyes. And nothing is more incredible as getting to experience this beauty yourself while in free fall. The whistling of the wind in your ears. The feeling of weightlessness. The colorful vistas that spread before your eyes. This unforgettable experience is now available with Lakpura!

We now offer Skydiving Packages so that all those of you who would love to see and feel this, and especially all of you who are extreme sports enthusiasts, would get this chance to take part in ultimate safety. Our packages offer great deals with experienced guides, top quality safety harnesses and equipment, and all the necessary training that you need, all in one go.

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