Train Rides

Sri Lanka is a beautiful island with infinite hidden vistas of nature, culture and history. Much of this beauty is never seen by human eyes, hidden deep within forests or unreachable valleys.

Many such beautiful locations and sights in Sri Lanka can’t be visited or seen through conventional means, due to uneven or difficult to traverse terrain. However, they can be seen from a distance during the long cross-country train rides of Sri Lanka.

Tea fields growing wild since the time of the British. Self-sufficient little villages with almost no connection to the outside world. Little hidden mountain streams and waterfalls that gush out crystal clear water. Brilliant green hillsides, that sport ‘caps’ of sun dried golden grass along the top. Forests of wild rubber trees, their rick milk untapped for decades. Forests so ancient, dark and deep that they induce a sort of primal fear. These and much more sights await the eager eyes of many a traveller as they glue their faces to the windows of their trains.

As the local scenic train rides do not travel too fast (unlike electric trains), passengers are able to enjoy the beautiful scenery that accompanies them along the way. In particular, the train routes from Colombo to Kandy, Colombo to Nuwara Eliya and Kandy to Nuwara Eliya (or vice versa) are very popular among visitors to Sri Lanka. As a result, while these trains are part of the public transport system, obtaining seats directly has become a matter of difficulty due to increasing demand.

Hence, we have available below a number of very convenient train tours that not only include viewing car seats in these train rides, but also a guide to explain some of the less obvious sights during your ride. Some of our train tours also include additional sight seeing trips at the starting or ending location. Please be aware that you will need to book these at least 3 months before your visit to Sri Lanka/train tour, to definitely obtain seats. Else it may be standing capacity only in one of the 1st or 2nd class carriages.

So book your favorite train tour right away to obtain a comfortable seat for your viewing pleasure!