Trekking is a wonderful sport that allows one to challenge mother nature for several days at a stretch. It mainly involves camping and cross-country hikes, but could also include mountain climbing and other such challenging activities.

A trekker knows nature like the back of his or her hand, and will adjust him/herself accordingly - regardless of difficult terrain or weather conditions. There many also be dangerous wildlife and insects that one may need to face, such scorpions and venomous snakes. On the other hand, the reward is the self satisfaction and increase in willpower that allows one to successfully face and overcome any problem in real life.

With it’s varied landscapes and terrain, Sri Lanka is a veritable paradise for both experienced and amateur trekkers. However, as a wild tropical island, it also has many deep and dangerous jungles and steep slippery cliffs that can be fatal to a lone trekker with no knowledge of the land’s lay.

Hence, its important for trekkers to obtain reliable local guides who can show them the best routes and show them the best techniques to traverse various areas. They also need to be good companions who can have you back when in moments of crisis in the wilderness. Our trekking tours below give you all this and more, along with the utmost safety.

Enjoy the most fantastic landscapes. Challenge steep mountain crags. Watch the glittering curtains of water fall from powerful waterfalls. Camp in the gentle green cradle of nature, surrounded by the sounds of wildlife and with the stars as your roof. Experience the deep tropical wilderness in all its beauty and dangerous power, and survive.

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