Turtle Watching

There are seven species of sea turtles still existent around the world. They are all rare and threatened. Of these, the shores of Sri Lanka are visited by five species of sea turtles, making it one of the most favored sea turtle nesting locations around the world. These species include the green turtle, hawksbill turtle, loggerhead turtle, Oliver Ridley turtle, and also the leatherback turtle which is the largest and rarest of the turtles in Sri Lankan waters.

However, with increased human interference during the last few decades, even in the most secluded beaches of the island, the turtles were not safe. Poor beach dwellers and fishermen catch the beached turtles and sell them as food. With the already increasing environmental and human threats that these turtles face, this situation caused the numbers of sea turtles around the world to drop drastically.

As a result, during the last couple of decades groups of scientists, environmentalist and turtle lovers have started creating turtle hatcheries where the turtles can hatch from the eggs and reach the seas in safety.

Many of these turtle hatcheries in Sri Lanka are along the Southern Coast and are huge attractions due to the adorable baby turtles that are allowed to be touched and fed by visitors. Turtle Watching Tours are a main source of getting to watch these turtles. But finding a tour that supports genuinely turtle protective hatcheries can be a hard task.

Below are our list of great tours that allow you to visit the top turtle hatcheries within Sri lanka and watch turtles. Book a tour right away for this amazing experience!