Village Experience

With the increase of modern technology and urbanization, true traditional villages are on the verge of dying out. And with their slow decease, valuable ancient traditions, culture, and crafts are disappearing too. However, within the tropical island of Sri Lanka there still exist secluded villages with little to no connection to the outer world. Protected within the palms of nature, they have been able to form self sufficient ecospheres and have their own traditions and unique crafts that hail from many centuries, or even millennia, ago.

We, at Lakpura, have discovered the beauty of these villages and wish to let you experience it for yourself. Our tours give you the chance to enter deep into the ancient jungles and craggy mountains of Sri lanka, and visit the secluded villages that exist in these remote regions.

Ride on traditional bullock carts on the narrow trails around villages. Use a primitive fishing pole to fish in nearby lakes and rivers. Watch the waterbirds as you travel in a traditional wooden catamaran. Learn about local legends and the unique cultural events of these villages. Go hunting in the forest with the villagers using a primitive bow and arrows. Get to see how the villages maintain their farms and fields. Enjoy the soul melting fragrances and flavors of true Sri Lankan village food cooked over wooden fires and served on leaves. Watch village craftsmen at their work and even purchase a few souvenirs. Many such wonderful experiences await you!

However, do remember to leave this village as untouched as they were when you arrived. Bringing in the foreign cultures and technology that permeate the world, into these villages, would truly spoil their beauty and charm. So protect the cultural and traditional values of these villages while you are there.

Experience these villages as one of the villagers. These tours are unique experiences that you can never get anywhere else. So what are you waiting for?

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