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Coconut Treacle Making

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This tour takes lets you experience toddy tapping and palm treacle creation; which are the livelihoods of many of the rural villagers of Sri Lanka. Choose to experience the tour from the comforts of your own hotel if it has coconut palms; or visit a village to watch it happen first-hand. Learn the secrets of toddy tapping; which is what the locals call the extraction of palm sap from the coconut flower. Go to clay hut with your guide to assist in refining the sap to for palm treacle; a thick syrupy fluid that is used as a sweetener in many local deserts, and as a replacement for sugar. Finish off by either enjoying a snack of curd with the treacle you made; or with a traditional sweet that will be made fresh in front of you.


  • Location : Hotel garden / clay hut
  • Duration : 1 ½ hours
  • Starting time : Morning /Evening

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