Village Experience in Yala


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Village Experience in Yala

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This tour gives you the authentic Sri Lankan Village experience and culture that you crave to know. Hike or cycle through the countryside to discover its marvels. Go birdwatching with the assistance of your guide and the knowledgeable locals. Walk through the village as you view the houses, temples, the little rustic shops frequented by the locals, and the small irrigation tanks where the villagers collect their water. Experience the warmth of local hospitality as you visit the home of a villager and are happily welcomed there. Enjoy the healthy traditional sweets and herbal drinks that make your tastebuds zing. This is a wonderful tour for all ages.



  • Location - Village homes, temples, local shops, irrigationstanks and etc
  • Duration - 3 hours
  • Starting time - 9.00am
  • Mode of transport - Hiking/Cycling

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