Are you planning to get married soon? Or perhaps you have a very close friend or family member who is getting married, and you wish to gift them with the most amazing wedding package and honeymoon. If so you must be searching out the best wedding opportunities.

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You may be searching for any or all of these factors. If so, your search ends here. Because, we give you every type of wedding you can ask for with our destination wedding packages. Get married in sunny and beautiful tropical Sri Lanka this season surrounded by your friends and family!

Get tied on the beach at sunrise or sunset. Let the brilliant rays of the sun bless the marriage with everlasting happiness, as the deep blue seas sing with joy. Party with your family with beach barbecues or even campfires!

If you want that elegant feel, maybe a colorful garden wedding would tempt you. Swaying palms and blushing flowers. Carpets of sweet smelling green grass. Pale blue skies with fluffy white clouds. And arches of flowered vines to shade you on your special day. Your guests can feast on dainty cakes and best tropical Sri Lankan delicacies as they bask in the glow of your happiness.

Or you could go for a more adventurous and unique wedding. Get wedded on a canoe a ship at mid-sea. Or tie the knot with your partner as you snorkel or dive in the warm turquoise watered shallows of Sri Lankan shores. Let the fish be your company as you blend your lives with each other.

We even have local Sri Lankan weddings. If you would like a unique tropical wedding in the Buddhist or Hindu style, this is your chance! Or you may just like to dress up in the glittering traditional clothing that comes with these cultures, as your welcome your new life! Get accompanied by elephants and Kandyan dancers. You can even have a fire breather if you wish!

With all these destination wedding opportunities come so many wonderful places to honeymoon as well. Go camping in the woods or stay in the wilds in a secluded cabin. Enjoy the most luxurious hotel on the beach or the most private resort with all the amenities that go with it. A number of activities await you and your loved ones. Regardless of your tastes, needs, fantasies or financial requirements; we have something for everyone!

So book your wedding package below right away! You can can even customize it if you contact us!