The Pearl started as a project from the Building A Future foundation to build innovative fishing boats. The idea was to develop fishing boats with sails that would be saving around 30% of fuel on every trip. This would be beneficial as well economically, for the fishermen, as environmentally.

Two types of boats were constructed for testing: the trimaran Sashimi MK1 and the catamaran Sashimi MK2. After extensive testing by the local fishermen it became clear the trimaran offered the most benefits. While the trimaran was put into use for commercial fishing, the idea of fishing with the catamaran was abandoned.

We decided to turn the boat into a day charter catamaran and so the design bureau, the boatyard and Sail Lanka Charter went back to the drawing board. The boat was redesigned to an extremely spacious double decked catamaran. It is also the first boat in Sri Lanka, and one of the first in the world, with a bipod mast. “Pearl” is ideally suited for coastal cruises, private events and parties.

On December 26th in 2014 the result, “Pearl”, was put in operations. The hybrid catamaran, with a big genaker and fuel efficient inboard engines, started to run coastal cruises and private charters. With it’s completely open design it is perfectly suited for the tropical climate of Sri Lanka.


The lower deck has a fully equipped kitchen, cushioned benches and jute, a newly developed composite by our boatyard, tables for 24 guests. At the back you can find the bathroom with toilet and sink.

The large sundeck offers a trampoline to lay down for sun tanning. Or you can lay down on the homemade sunbeds. Next to the stair to the upper deck you will find a spot to jump in the water when the boat is anchored.

The upper deck is spacious and was designed with more sunbeds and seating area. Half of the deck can be covered from the sun if desired. While families might choose to lay on sunbeds, a large group can go for a party.

The hulls are only accessible for the crew. Here they have two cabins, engine rooms and plenty of storage for life jackets, watertoys and drinks.


On board the crew will provide you with a drinks menu. Pearl has full sets of tableware, including champagne flutes and wine glasses.

The boat is equipped with snorkelling gear, a canoe, bodyboards and stand up paddle boards for waterfun. When guests come back on board they can use the fresh water shower.

The boat is equipped with a complete sound system. We have six waterproof speakers for high quality music. Via an aux cable guests can plug in their own devices.

The boat has a fully equipped kitchen with a Chef onboard for all our cruises.


Safety is a top priority for Sail Lanka Charter. The safety standards on our boats correspond with European principles, including insurance policy, certification of crew, and all safety equipment.

We provide fitting life jackets for all passengers. A first aid kit is on board in case of injuries or small accidents.

The boat is equipped with a liferaft and a rigid inflatable boat with an outboard engine. We also have a lifeguard with a light and a VHF radio on board.

Topaz has a set of fire extinguishers on the deck and in the hulls. For the engine room we have specific CO2 extinguishers.

Technical Specification

Length: 14 m 20
Beam: 7 m 90

Draft: 1 m 10
Air Draft: 19 m 80

Light Disp. 12.5 T
Gennaker: 95 sqm
Bipod mast of 17m

Hull design : Germans Freres
Day charter engineering & design : Sabrosa Rain
Construction : Solar Impulse