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Knuckles Peak Trail and Camping at Alugallena

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Day 1

We need to reach Kandy before 5.00am. So possible options are to be discussed. We take a bus to Waththegama starting from Kandy at 5.30am or earlier for a 30 minute ride. We have a quick breakfast at Waththegama town before taking the Bambarella bus. Ambarella bus leaves at 6.20am. The ride is through small villages, cutting across mountains and tea plantations on a small public bus. The ride takes about 2hrs to reach the last village before climbing the peaks.

We start our hike as early as possible. Probably 8.45am or earlier. by 10.30am we would be at the trail head. We would reach the 2nd and the highest peak between 12.30pm ~ 1.00pm. We would have snacks at the peak. We would proceed to the campsite leaving the peak at 1.30pm. The rest of the hike is mostly downhill towards the eastern side of the mountain range. We would reach the campsite by 4.30pm and prepare lunch. As this would be a late lunch, please have sufficient snacks at the peak. We could prepare a coffee at a resting place. Rest of the day is just spending time relaxing and setting up a campfire, having dinner or probably go to bed, whichever works for you.

Day 2

Campsite breakfast would be served at 8.00am. We would leave the campsite at around 9.00am ~ 9.30 am.Today’s walk is initially uphill for the first hour, then mostly flat/downhill. Our aim is to reach the village of Thangappuwa today. We would reach the village before 1.00pm. We could roam around the village or have a village meal in a local shop and wait for the bus to take us to Theldeniya.

The bus time is at 4.00pm. It is an hour of scenic ride with views spanning to 100s of kms. From Theldeniya, it is a 45 minute ride to the Kandy city centre.Please note, mentioned times are for guideline purposes to understand the estimated time of the hike.

Campsite leaving time is on your decision.

This include

(1) All transport charges (public transport)
(2) Hiking charges
(3) Camping charges
(4) 4 Meals

Checklist on what you need to bring,

(1) Warm clothes. The temperature is not so cold in the cave. Around 15-20 degrees
(2) A raincoat is a must as the weather is highly unpredictable
(3) A water bottle. A bottle that can carry minimum of 1 liter is recommended.
(4) Toothbrush/ Toothpaste and other personal hygiene items.
(5) A torch is a must.
(6) So basically this is all you need to bring. Apart from the above list, you may bring
chocolates, energy drinks etc on your own preference if necessary.

Terms and conditions

(1) All participants should abide to the instructions given by us during the hike as we value your safety as well as the safety and rules of the Forest Department.
(2) We do not accept any liability for cancellations of tours on events of nature.
(3) We do not accept any liability for death, injury or illness of guests caused by animals,
reptiles, insects and events of nature or any type of accident. However, we take extra
caution and we have been highly trained to minimize such situations.
(4) We do not accept any liability for loss or damage of personal belongings during the tour.

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