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Madu Ganga Boat Safari

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This one-hour tour takes you on a boat safari through the primitive depths of the mangrove marshes in Madu River. Traverse the dark and dangerous caverns formed by the thick mangrove forests; interspersed with bright open stretches of water. Learn more about mangroves and their positive effect on ecology. Get a chance to see crocodiles, water snakes, tree snakes and wild boars in their natural habitat. Watch the cormorants; storks and many other avianlife hunt for their prey in swift flow of Madu River. View the pots for catching prawn and shrimp left in some of the shallower areas of the river. Visit the old Buddhist temple on one of the islands that dot the river liberally. Stop by another of the islands; which are the source of the cinnamon industry of Sri Lanka. Purchase some fresh, high quality cinnamon to take home as a souvenir. Make sure to visit the outdoor fish massage parlour, where you can dangle your feet into a fenced part of the river to get treated by the massage fish.


  • Standard boat which can accommodate eight adults
  • 1.5 hours of boat ride
  • Pickup and Drop from any hotel around 5km radius


  • Exciting boat safari route
  • Knowledgeable tour guide
  • Chance to see many marshland wildlife
  • Visit to old Buddhist Temple
  • Chance to purchase fresh top-quality cinnamon

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