Sigiriya Countryside Cycling Tour


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Sigiriya Countryside Cycling Tour

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About The Sigiriya Countryside Cycling Tour

Explore the wild, natural countryside of Sigiriya in this wonderful tour. Cycle along the little foot trails, discovering the occasional ruin, and hearing their stories from your guide. Climb the marvelous Rock Fortress of Sigiriya, where King Kasyappa ruled many centuries ago. View the famous unfading murals that that is still highly debated. Visit the neatly arranged gardens and leisurely ponds with circulating water that were quite advanced for their time. See the views from the summit of the rock.


  • Get to know the history and legends of Sri Lanka
  • Sigiriya Rock Fortress Visit
  • Includes insurance cover up to Rs 500,000.

Our Rates Include

  •  Mountain bikes and helmets
  •  Managing the entire cycling route.
  •  Well experienced cycling guide(s) and his fees
  •  1 bottle of water per pax per day during cycle tour portion
  •  Insurance covers up to Rs 500,000 per person


      You will be starting your cycling tour from your hotel in Sigiriya at 8:00 am. The route will take you through some virgin countryside, with native wildlife such as monkeys and deer wandering freely amongst the lush foliage. Your trail won't be large or level, which increases the challenge of this cross-country tour.

      You will be provided with good mountain bikes and helmets. You will also have an experienced cycling guide who will continuously manage your route so that there are no major obstacles. The tour package also includes an insurance cover of up to Rs 500,000 per person. Your entire route will be approximately 18km long. It will take between 2 – 3 hours including the time taken to visit the rock fortress of Sigiriya. You will also be given a bottle of water to quench your thirst.

      Along the way to Sigiriya Rock Fortress you will be listening to your guide speak about the history of the fortress and the kingdom of Kasyappa who lived in the 5th century AD. You may also be able to spot an occasional ruin along the way, the ruins of Kasyappa's kingdom. During such times you can request for a rest stop to examine the ruins or take photos, given that it is safe to do so (safe from risks such as slipping if the ruins are in a gully, for example).

      Once you get to the rock fortress you will be climbing a staircase until a little way up you come to the plateau  with the lion's paws. The giant paws form the entrance arch to the fortress proper. It is believed that during the time of King Kasyappa, the entire rock was shaped into a lion; hence giving it's name: Lion Rock.

      As you climb up into the fortress you will come across the architectural marvels that the king had implemented into his fortress. This included ponds with pipe-borne water, gardens and much more. The most famed feature that you will see are the rock paintings with their beautifully detailed art that still hasn't faded a millennium and a half later. You will also be able to see the once highly polished 'Mirror Wall'; a parapet wall built on solid almost vertical rock creating a passageway to move about in. The graffiti inscribed on it's formerly white walls state, that they were so shiny that they reflected the rock murals opposite them. There are so many more interesting things to see, best left to the moment of sight.

      On completion of viewing the rock fortress, you will return to your bikes and pedal your way back to your starting point. The tour will conclude on that note at 11:00 am.


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