Kitulgala Rainforest Hike


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Kitulgala Rainforest Hike

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About The Kitulgala Rainforest Hike

This tour takes you on a hike through the rainforest in Kithulgala area along the banks of the Kelani River. Cross the river in a catamaran and follow deep trails into the jungle. Hike over difficult terrain filled with slippery rock and overgrowth. Enjoy the ice cold waters of the streams and waterfalls. See the colorful wildlife that inhabit the rainforest.


  • Catamaran Ride
  • Difficult and challenging terrain
  • Many varieties of flora and fauna


You will be starting your hike at the entrance to the Kithulgala Adventure Sports Center at 9:30 am. Your hiking guide will meet you there and provide you with a bottle of water and biscuits as refreshments for the hike. You will then be taken on a short catamaran ride over the Kelani River that flows swiftly through this area creating many rapids.

After that you will be following your guide through the thick overgrowth of the Makanadawa rainforest that lines this area of Kelani river's banks. You will have to cross steep slippery slopes with nothing to hold onto but rough sticks, flat rocky stretches with little streams gurgling over them softly, or struggle through overgrowth too thick to pass through.

The waterfalls and streams that you will come across have clean, cold water that is good for swimming or just simply refreshing yourself. You may catch sight of many wildlife including monkeys and many endemic birds. You will complete your hike by 12:30 pm as you return to the adventure sports center.


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