Lakpura Travels (Pvt) Ltd

Sandun Ella Advanced Canyoning

Regular price $125.00

Borderlands is thrilled to be the only operator offering this high octane, half day canyoning experience – Sandun Ella is a waterfall which descends around 300ft, over a series of 5 drops, from pinnacle to base. This activity involves rope work for most of the descent, though there is a chance for some sliding and high cliff jumps as well. It is a perfect activity for those looking for a real challenge in a totally unspoilt and isolated canyons, where the surrounding jungle creates a natural barrier from the outside world. This is an an absolute must activity for those looking for something more advanced and technical, with most definitely a lot of thrills.

Cost Includes
  • Experienced rope guides who are trained in First Aid & CPR
  • Helmets & Climbing Gear to International Standards
  • Comprehensive First Aid Kit
  • Mobile phone in case of emergencies
  • Drinking Water