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Home Bee Honey Farming

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About Home Bee Honey Farming

This tour takes you to a farm where bees are bred for their honey. Hike through the countryside to the bee farm. Experience the wonder of the world of bees and learn more about their unique behavior pattern. Get to know more about the equipment and structures necessary for bee keeping. Enhance your knowledge about the life cycle of bees, their behavior, the bee queen and its behavior, and of course how to do bee farming. Try your hand at collecting fresh honey from the hives while wearing the protective clothing. Finish off with by snacking newly collected pure bee honey. This tour will also give you the opportunity to purchase some honey for your personal use at the end of the tour.


  • Location - In-house bee farm at Yala Adventure
  • Duration - 1hr
  • Starting time  - Morning / Evening
  • Mode of transport  - Hiking


Though excellent protective wear will be available; those with bee allergies are advised to avoid the tour, or bring an Epipen with the appropriate medication for safety purposes.

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