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Pinnawala Iperanigama Theme Park

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Pinnawala iperanigama can be introduce d as a replica of traditional folk life of Sri Lanka that was a existed during 17 and 18 centuries .This destination shows the prosperious economic system, control system, cultivation, regional and cultural value of the ancient people. Tourist can able to experience lively and engaged to the activities of ancient people in this theme park. This is the place consist with the places that was in ancient village. Tourist can able to experience lively the traditional village life of ancient people.

Those are,

1) Indigenous Doctor’s House ( Weda Gedara)
2) Headman’s House ( Arachila Gedara)
3) Gypsies Family ( Ahikuntaka Janawasa)
4) Paddy Field ( Kuburu Yaya)
5) Lake ( wewa)
6) Aquatic Plants
7) Head Farmer’s House ( Maha Gamaralage Gedara)
8) Coffee Bar ( Kopi Kade)
9) Potter’s House ( Kubal Gedara)
10) Carpenter’s House (Wadumaduwa)
11) Black Smith’s House (Kammala)
12) Weaving Center
13) Souvenir Shop

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