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Legal Marriage Registration

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The documents required and conditions to be met to register a marriage legally in Sri Lanka is given below.

Required Documents

    1. Birth certificate
    2. Passports – copies are only required of the information pages, do not include the pages containing immigration and visa stamps.
    3. An affidavit confirming your status certified by a solicitor.
    4. The affidavit (Unmarried Certificate) or Divorced Certificate as appropriate should be certified by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (for British nationals) and legalised by the Sri Lanka High Commission, London. For other nationals the document should be certified by their respective Foreign Ministries.
    5. Should apply Business Visa for marriage purposes (for British nationals).
    6. If divorced – decree absolute /s.
    7. Legal proof of any name changes by Deed Poll.
    8. If widowed (a) Death certificate/s of former spouse/s. (b) Previous marriage certificate/s.
    9. If adopted – legal forms.
    10. If any document provided is not in English, then a translation from a legally recognized translator.
    11. A letter stating your full name, postal address and occupation.
    12. A letter stating the full names, addresses and occupations of your parents.
    13. If under 21 years of age, evidence of parental consent in the form of a statutory declaration.


      • We should receive photocopies of documents (1 to 8) relevant to you and letters (9 & 10) two weeks prior to the date of your proposed marriage. You are advised to send them by courier.
      • Originals of all documents (1 to 8) should be brought with you when you arrive.
      • You are required to be resident in Sri Lanka at least 4 days prior to your wedding. Therefore you are advised to be at the hotel at least 4 days before the wedding of which 3 days should be working days in Sri Lanka. Before finalizing the date of your arrival please check with us regarding public holidays. Three days is the minimum period required to attend to all official formalities.